The 10 Craziest Things You Can Buy From Amazon. Number 3 Is Utterly Shocking.

These days, you can buy anything on Amazon and I mean anything. I cannot not believe some of these products even exist, forget being this readily available with free two-day shipping options.

A lesser co-worker may incriminate you for looking at some of these so be sure to take the proper precautions.

1. Amazing Limited Edition Large Pup Shalom Pup Mitzvah Tallit and Matching Kippah for Your Special Large Jewish Dog


I think the fact that this reviewer spelled “L’chaim” wrong is the least of his problems: “We had our pup-mitzvah last weekend. It was a blast. Our little puppy has become a man. L’chiam! Excellent quality for your Jewish dog.”


2. PetZen DogTread Dog Treadmill


There’s a free alternative and it’s called a walk, you lazy bastards.


3. Infant Cirumcision Trainer


Hubba-wha? I know home births are making a comeback but let’s leave this procedure to the pros, shall we? I must say the reviews on this product are priceless. I think “J Meyers” said it best: “Forget OPERATION, this game represents the next evolution in surgical family fun! Though I wouldn’t recommend it for tykes under six, your kids will enjoy endless hours of genital slicing and dicing. Got a budding mohel on your Christmas list? This is a holiday gift no-brainer. I did deduct a star, however, because scalpel, box cutter, and yard clipper accessories are sold separately. (no information yet on racially diverse skin choices)”


4. Cat Tail Butt Plug


I swear I’m not a prude, but this was a “whoa” moment for me. “The fur is soft and the plug is comfortable,” assures one customer. Comfortable? Okay… Also available in mountain lion, bunny and wolf.


5. Master Series Hells Bridge Stainless Steel Ball Stretcher




You’ve gotta have some serious cajones to try this. There are only five left in stock — but don’t worry — more are on the way.


6. Women’s Booty Pop Enhancing Panties



It’s one thing to have a padded bra, but how do you explain this to your date?


7. Cookin’ with Coolio: 5 Star Meals at a 1 Star Price



The self-procaimed “King of the Kitchen Pimps” shares his recipes for Cold Shrimpin’, Bro-Ghetti and Chicken Lettuce Blunts. The Crazy Pollo Salad “easily serves 4 crazy motherf****ers”. I have to admit, I kinda want this.


8. Haribo Teddy Bears



What’s so awful about these gummy bears? SO so much. Do not be fooled by their sweet exterior — the very ingredient that makes these bears sugar free also makes them your worst nightmare. Sean, a Tae Kwon Do instructor “with a history of evil and twisted revenge plots”, planted these on some unsuspecting candy-stealing co-workers. “30 Minutes later- The first guy to eat them is sitting on the toilet, and has been for close to an hour.”


9.  Five Brand-New $2 Bills



For the low, low price of $24.99 (now on sale for $16.99!) these five two-dollar bills can be yours. What a steal.


10. The Purrfect DVD – Cat Entertainment Video 


Yes, a DVD made just for cats… a great gift for the crazy cat lady in your life. Sadly, I’m not surprised to see this is a popular item.


Scouted via Supercompressor




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