These 10 Parents Clearly Win At Texting Their Kids. Hilarious!

Lots of people complain that their parents are pains in the neck when texting. These kids might not like what their folks text, but other people sure do…they’re awesome!

1. At least she knows not to make “fetch” happen.
Mean Girls ref

2. That’s one jive mother.
mom can rap

3. How much do you trust dad, really?
dad poison

4. U don’t no dad’s lyfe.
u dont know dads lyfe

5. Oh mom, what a prankster.

6. So that’s why mom was glued to the World Cup!
sports fanatic

7. I love when parents pass wise words down from generation to generation.
passing down wise words

8. That is never cool.
never cool

9. Ouch, that one hurts.

10. Don’t inconvenience this dad. Or tell mom!
inconvenienced dad

Scouted via Buzzfeed.

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