11 Amazing Facts About Beloved Childhood Toys, Even Koosh Balls!

There are fascinating stories behind all of these toys you loved as a kid. Even criminal tales behind your cutest ones!

1. Twister, when first on the market, was criticized by worried parents as “sex in a box.”

2. G.I. Joe is short for “government issue Joe.”

3. The Koosh ball is named for the sound it makes when it hits your hand. (I’m going to have to test that one out…)

4. A man was sentenced to one and a half years in prison for counterfeiting Beanie Babies, which people used to take incredibly seriously!

5. To see Cabbage Patch Dolls “born,” go to Babyland General Hospital in Cleveland, Ga. There, they are birthed by Mother Cabbage daily under the “crystal tree.”

6. Mr. Potato Head was the first toy advertised on TV.
mr potato 1

7. Also, Mr. Potato Head was at first an actual potato!

8. Because they had little money for advertising, the makers of Play-Doh offered Captain Kangaroo a share of sales to promote it on-air (which he then did three times per week).
play doh

9. An early Nerf slogan was, “You can’t hurt babies or old people!”

10. According to the BBC, Queen Elizabeth II has a rubber ducky in her tub.

11. Sea Monkeys, sadly, are not actually monkeys. They are brine shrimp, which can exist in suspended animation when out of water.

Scouted via Mental Floss.

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