11 Astounding Global Bars. These Views (And Drinks) Are Breathtaking!

You have got to see these amazing watering holes from around the world!

1. Northern Lights Bar, Iceland
Northern Lights Bar, Iceland
Situated almost in the middle of nowhere, this bar was built specifically for watching the natural wonder light show that provides its name.

2. Red Sea Bar, Israel
Red Sea Bar, Israel
How would you like to have a drink 16 feet under water, watching fish swim among the coral reef?

3. Alux Caverna Lounge, Mexico
Alux Caverna Lounge Mexico
There are a few cave bars in the world, but this is the largest (and 18,000 years old)!

4. Joben Bistro, Romania
Joben Bistro, Romania
The designs here are inspired by Jules Verne and the steampunk trend.

5. Club 33, Disneyland
Club 33 Disneyland
Welcome to the only place in Disneyland to enjoy a drink.

6. Sky Bar, Bangkok
Sky Bar Bangkok
This amazing view comes from being 63 floors up!

7. H.R. Giger Bar, Switzerland
H.R. Giger Bar Switzerland
The amazing artist who designed the creatures in Alien inspired a creepy, but captivating, drinking spot.

8. The Ice Bar, Canada
THe Ice Bar Canada
This entire bar melts and is rebuilt every year!

9. Rick’s Cafe, Jamaica
While sipping a frosty beverage, these patrons get to watch cliff divers.

10. Rock Bar, Bali
Rock Bar Bali
Another astounding water view, this time built into a cliff over the Indian Ocean.

11. Sunland Pub, South Africa
Sunland Pub South Africa
This tiny pub only permits 11 drinkers at a time, and is built into a baobab tree more than 6,000 years old.

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