11 Hilarious Reasons To Dine Out. #4 Is My Favorite! LMAO

Because you never know when a restaurant will display this kind of awesomeness.



1. Best sign ever.

2. Comparing its burritos to babies. Brilliant!

3. Best use of bathroom counter real estate I’ve seen.


4. Did you just order the brissshhket out loud by yourself in front of your computer? Yeah, me too.

5. Amazeballs dipped in awesome sauce.


6. If only all restaurants did this for people with kids.


7. When the bill at a pricey place is delivered like this, it eases the pain (if only a little).


8. Clever creamery.


9. Dining out for a great cause.


10. This sushi menu had me rolling.


11. Nothing beats a good Rick Astley pun.


Scouted via BuzzFeed

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