11 People Saw Statues & Got Hilariously Creative. I SO Want To Recreate #3!

When you see a statue you usually just keep walking, right? These people show what can happen when you stop to have a little fun.

1. Beauty and the bear.
statue 1

2. Eternal high five!
statue 2

3. ‘murica.
statue 3

4. That looks like a game of Red Rover gone wrong.
statue 4

5. This statue has anger management issues.
statue 5

6. I really hope this was on purpose!
statue 6

7. Cupid will NOT be messed with!
statue 7

8. Not so fast, sister!
statue 8

9. Maybe the Declaration of Independence should’ve included selfies?
statue 9

10. Even ancient relics know Bey is the best.
statue 10

11. Snowmen. Guarding us from dinosaurs since the Cretaceous Period.
statue 11

Scouted via Quick Meme

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