12 Things You Never Knew About ‘How I Met Your Mother’

These 12 facts about HIMYM had us saying OMG.


1. All of Lyndsy Fonseca and David Henrie’s scenes as Ted’s future children were filmed during the first season to keep them the same age throughout the series. This includes a scene for the show’s eventual final episode that includes the titular Mother which were filmed early in the second season.


2. Three of the main actors on the show have had their significant others in multiple episodes. Husband of Alyson HanniganAlexis Denisof, plays Sandy Rivers; Cobie Smulders boyfriend, Taran Killam, plays Blauman; and David Burtka, fiancé of Neil Patrick Harris, plays Scooter.


3. After the show ended Josh Radnor kept the blue french horn, Neil Patrick Harris got the Playbook and the gang’s MacLaren’s booth, and the three yellow umbrellas now belong to director Pamela Fryman, as well as creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays.


4. Most of the websites featured in the show such as www.canadiansexacts.org and www.stinsonbreastreduction.com are real websites. www.lilyandmarshallselltheirstuff.com was created for charity and items from the show were auctioned off.

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 9.36.39 AM

5. In most “statistics” Barney Stinson expresses, the numbers 83 or 8 and 3 are involved. And in one instance, when he posed as an elderly man, he claimed his age was 83.

83_The Barney Stinson

6. In an online poll, Victoria (Ashley Williams) was voted the all time favorite love interest of Ted (Josh Radnor) on the show. Zoey (Jennifer Morrison) was voted the least favorite.


7. Whenever two characters get in a physical altercation, the song ‘Murdertrain’ by Robin’s ex-boyfriend Simon’s band ‘The Four Skins’ is heard under the scene.


8. In Season 7 one can see Conan O’Brien in the background at the gangs famous MacLaren’s Pub


9. Although singers Britney Spears and Katy Perry were two of the biggest guest stars, fashion designer Tim Gunn was the most welcomed guest star from the cast and crew. Nearly everyone on set wanted an autograph from him.


10. In the DVD commentary for the Pilot episode, Josh Radnor reveals that he is allergic to dogs, something the creators didn’t know until Radnor was cast. That may have played a part in the decision to get rid of Robin’s dogs in Season 2, when she and Radnor’s characters are dating.

How I Met Your Mother Through The Years - Season 1

11. Due to Jason Segel’s (Marshall) real-life smoking habit his co-star and on-screen wife Alyson Hannigan (Lily) often refuses to french kiss him during their scenes together.

Marshall and Lily

12. The episode “The Possimpible” showed Hannigan’s real-life pregnancy bump in the context of a subplot in which Lily wins a hot dog-eating contest and has a comically distended stomach afterward.




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