13 Absolutely Cringeworthy His & Hers Outfits From The 1970s. #3 Is So Awful!

So, couples dressing alike was a thing in the 1970s, I guess? If so, thank god that fad faded away.

1. “Thank goodness even our hats match, honey!”
hats match too

2. Um, are those sweater pants?
sweater pants?

3. Don’t worry, you can match together while lounging at home, too.

4. “I brought my favorite bat to this key party!”
party bat

5. Mint. Sweater. Vest. Dress.
mint sweater

6. The couple who wears this is doubly patriotic!
patriot jackets

7. It’s “distinctive.”
distinctive collection

8. Rockin’ matching outfits in more ways than one! Party on!

9. “Up, up and away, in my beautiful balloon!”
up up & away

10. The couple that suspends together, stays together.
the couple that suspends together

11. Before or after ANYTHING.
before or after anything

12. All business about matching.
business time

13. Is it a headband? Is it a legband?
headband legband

Scouted via Offbeat.

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