14 Things About ‘Dazed And Confused’ That Will Have You Stunned And Amused

More than two decades later and I’m still learning fascinating things about the movie I’ve seen over and over again.

1. While filming in Texas, Milla Jovovich (Michelle) and Shawn Andrews (Kevin Pickford) eloped to Las Vegas and got married. However, Jovovich was only 16/17 at the time and her mother had the marriage annulled.


2. The word “man” is said 203 times total in the movie.



3. In the scene where the kids are building the paddles the teacher in the shop (sleeping) is actually a real teacher at that school and still works there.


4. Shawn Andrews and Jason London did not get along during the shoot, and Richard Linklater eventually had to break them up from fighting at one point. This wound up changing the ending, as it was to feature Pickford instead of Wooderson (Matthew McConaughey). This also accounts for their virtual lack of dialogue between each other, despite being in each other’s scenes quite a bit.



5. Matthew McConaughey‘s production company’s name, JKL Productions, comes from Wooderson’s life credo: Just Keep Livin’!



6. The character of Wooderson (Matthew McConaughey) was based on Matthew McConaughey’s older brother.


7. This movie contains 3 actors who have a twin-sibling; Parkey Posey (twin brother, Christopher), Jason London (twin brother, Jeremy), and Marissa Ribisi, seen below (twin brother, Giovanni).


8. The beer drunk by most of the cast (excluding minors) was actually real beer. Jason London, however, refused to drink the beer and was trying to stop smoking as well.


9. Claire Danes auditioned for the role of Sabrina but was considered “too classy” by the director.



10. Vince Vaughn auditioned for Benny, but was turned down after director Richard Linklater decided that he and Ben Affleck resembled each other too closely. Cole Hauser was cast in the role instead.


11. Pink’s belt buckle is really a pipe; this is evident when Wooderson and Dawson are talking about the freshman girls in front of the Emporium.



12. Renée Zellweger auditioned for a larger role as one of the senior girls but was given the uncredited non-speaking role of Nesi White.



13. Ashley Judd auditioned for the role of Jodi.



14. Prior to filming, Wiley Wiggins (Mitch Kramer) had never thrown a baseball in his life. Because of this, a double was used in the pitching scenes.



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