The 15 Most Annoying Songs of All Time

Time after time there comes special moments in the pop culture vortex when all people come together in a unanimous consensus. Welcome to the vortex, where we can’t escape one of the most overplayed songs of all time, “Happy” by Pharrell. Based on my unofficial survey of hip, savvy and cynical Facebook friends, I’ve listed a sampling of the most overplayed songs that we never liked in the first place.  Get ready to feel VINDICATED!



1. Chumbawamba – Tubthumping.

This song was looping in our subconscious for most of 1997 and made us all feel like we were pissing the night away.

2. Celine Dion –My Heart Will Go On.

If anything should have drowned off the side of the Titanic it should have been this single. The intro alone gives us chills…not in a good way.

3. Lou Bega – Mambo Number 5.

This is the kind of song that your mom ends up loving so not only do you have to endure the months of overplay on Top 40 radio but also the extension of repetition at family parties and weddings.

4. Spin Doctors – Two Princes.

Apparently it was never a #1 hit but it seemed to be on the radio constantly, had a melody that you could not get out of your head, and didn’t hold a candle to the band’s previously released “Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong.” Can i get an amen?

5. Ace of Bace – The Sign.

I know…it’s in your head now right? SORRY. NOT SORRY.

6. Paula Cole – I Don’t Want to Wait.

Even the sweet nostalgia of Dawson, Joey and Pacey can’t save this one from the list.

7. Des’ree – You Gotta Be.

Yeah, you gotta be kidding me right? This one’s a killer. I’m sensing a trend with the correlation between repetitive melodies and the annoyance factor.

8. Shawn Colvin- Sunny Came Home.

This was “at work station” gold right here.

9. Sisqo – Thong Song.

Honestly, how did we let this happen?


10. Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars.

I blame Grey’s Anatomy for this one.


11. Uncle Kracker – Follow Me.

This is basically a nursery rhyme. why? Why? WHY?


12. Train- Drop of Jupiter.

A good friend once said, “all it is are a bunch of pretty sounding lines just strung together.” Yup!


13. Daniel Powter – Bad Day.

A bad day indeed after hearing this every time you got in and out of your car, entered a deli or convenience store.


14. Savage Garden – Truly Madly Deeply.

When is that sky falling down on you exactly?

15. Nickelback – – – – Actually let’s just leave this as a placeholder for all things Nickelback.

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This post was contributed by the very talented Jennifer Anello. Keep up with her on Twitter at @popculturerx.


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