22 Adorable Photos Of Animals Hugging Each Other. Number 7… A Surprising Pair!

Bear hugs and beyond.

1. Three baby sloths hugging




2. The hills are alive with the sound of SQUEE!


3. A monkey hugging a dog


4. Unlikely BFFs


5. Nap time buddies


6. Horsey hugs



7. Just a dog hugging a goat — no biggie

8. Giraffes sticking their necks out for each other

9. Mama and baby elephants hugging

10. It’s like they know how cute this is

11. Koala love train



12. Panda hugs


13. Kitten hugs


14. Chimp hugs


15. They’re even holding hands!


16. A red panda hugging her baby


17. Lion lovin’

18. For those who don’t watch Dora The Explorer, that’s a capybara hugging that cat.



19. Snuggle bunnies


20. Monkeys hugging


21. Quality kitten time


22. These polar bears hugging just melt my heart


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