8 Major Brand Names You’ve Been Pronouncing All Wrong. I Was WAY Off On Number 6.

Zagat: It doesn’t rhyme with you-know-what.



1. Hermes



The company known for its scarves and Birkin bags, isn’t pronounced HER-meez. It’s actually air-MEZ.


2. Fage



Don’t turn the pronunciation of this Greek yogurt into a tragedy. Say it like this: FA-yay.


3. Stella Artois


Of course you could just ask for a Stella, but if you insist on saying the whole name when you order, say it correctly: Steh-lah Are-twa




You don’t choose a restaurant based on its ZAH-get review. It’s really za-GAT.



5. Saucony


Your favorite old school sneaks? They’re not made by Sow-cone-ee. It’s SOCK-a-nee.


6. Givenchy


If you call this label Give-en-chee, you’re making a fashion faux pas. It’s really pronounced Zhee-vahn-she.


7. Porsche


Always dreamed of owning a “Porsh?” Reality check: it’s pronounced POR-sha.


8. Hoegaarden


Don’t order a “Ho-gar-den” — order a WHO-gar-duhn.


Scouted via Business Insider

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