8 Brilliant Parent Hacks That Make Life With Kids Way Easier.

You don’t have to be Martha Stewart or spend a lot of time or money to create these sanity savers. Genius!

1. GiveĀ each kid their own designated cup with magnets on the back so you can put them on the fridge. It saves dishes and they can reach without climbing on the counter.

2. A Capri Sun in the freezer turns into a fun slushy treat. (For the more health-conscious, try an Honest Kids.)

3. Use a sticker cut in half to help your child get the right shoe on the right foot (and left on the left).

4. Ensure your child doesn’t go overboard with the TP by using a “You Shall Not Pass” sign.


5. Dollar Store caddies make for less mess when eating on the road.

6. Use a crib sheet to keep the bugs away from baby outside.


7. Reclaim your iPhone and create a “busy wallet” filled with paper, stickers and other fun stuff to keep kids busy while waiting at restaurants, the DMV, anywhere!




Scouted via BuzzFeed

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