8 Unforgettable Trips For Animal Lovers

Combine your wanderlust with your love for animals on one of these eight amazing trips.

1. Canoodling With Cows In California


At The Gentle Barn in San Clarita, Ca., you can cuddle, nuzzle and snuggle up to cows, pigs, dogs, horses, chickens and more. A sanctuary for abused neglected animals, these guys need all the TLC they can get. A great trip for the whole family.


2. Mingle With Manatees In Florida


The Save The Manatee Club has a list of places where you can see these magnificent endangered animals.


3. Buggin’ Out At The Insect Zoo


At the O. Orkin Insect Zoo at the Smithsonian, in D.C., you can hold and touch all kinds of bugs. Even the most squeamish traveler will love their Butterfly Pavilion.


4. Parahawking in Nepal



For the animal-enthusiast-meets-adrenaline-junkie, this thrilling experience involves paragliding alongside these endangered birds of prey. Bonus for the birds: Parahawking pioneer Scott Mason donates money from every  flight to environmental groups.


5. Swim With The Swines


There’s a special spot in the Bahamas on Big Major Cay (dubbed Pig Island) where you can swim with these adorable wild piggies.


6. Chill With The Cheetahs


Meet cubs, take cheetahs for walks, or book a little one-on-one time with these magnificent cats at the Cheetah Outreach sanctuary in South Africa. 


7. Snooze With The Sloths


 The sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica now has a B&B!


8. Quality Tarsier Time In The Philippines



Very little is known about these wide-eyed little guys, but you can do your part to help with their habitat struggle by visiting them at the Philippine Tarsier and Wildlife Sanctuary.


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