9 Jobs You Never Knew Existed. I SO Want To Do #3.

Reddit asked “What job do you have that people might not even know exists?” One thing’s for sure — you won’t see these jobs on Career Builder.

1. You know those fire evacuation maps that are entirely useless because no one’s gonna stop and look at a map on their way out of a burning building? Yeah, I design those. (Reddit user Stebraul)



2. I have been writing fortune cookies for over a year. People usually don’t believe me when I tell them this. (Reddit user Shadowlast)



3. I used to make fake children’s art for a TV show set in a kindergarten classroom. Every episode had new, themed art. Real kids aren’t good enough artists. Sorry kids. (Reddit user doctor_puppet)

 4. I am a standardized patient! I get to act as a patient in various scenarios for nursing students as part of their exams! (Reddit user smellmyrear)

5. As a teenager, I used to clean tombs. And it wasn’t too creepy as I used to imagine. (Reddit user hanselpremium)

6. I attempt to read addresses on mail that machines can’t. (Reddit user aziraphale60)

benedicts hand

7. I used to have a job that I got paid $10.00/hr to watch college football and basketball games and use software to “tag” every play, and put comments on what happened. I even got to rate the plays based on 1-4 on how cool it was. Pretty sure it was for some company that made highlight reels or something. I donno. Shit was crazy, still can’t believe that was a real job. (Reddit user fifthawk)

8. My job title is a Tissue Recovery Specialist. I cut bones, tendons, organs, and brains out of dead bodies on a daily basis. (Reddit user bjs525)

9. I program simple video games for monkeys, complete with a joystick and pellet dispenser. (Reddit user PabstBlue_Gibbon)




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