9 Tales From The Filming Of The Princess Bride. Inconceivable!

The new book As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of the Princess Bride comes out next month, but here are nine fun facts about one of your favorite movies!

1. Colin Firth was considered for the part of Wesley (and Robert Redford was one of many directors who tried to direct!).
colin firth

2. To learn his lines, non-English speaker Andre the Giant listened over and over again to director Carl Reiner’s recordings of his part.
Andre listened to Reiner recordings

3. The fire swamp scene, one of the most technically complicated, was the first scene shot.
fire swamp first
4. Because he knew he was the third choice for the role, Wallace Shawn was convinced every day on set that he would be fired.
wallace shawn fired

5. Almost all of your favorite lines from the scene between Billy Crystal and Carol Kane were ad-libbed on the spot by the two master comedians.
crystal & kane ad libs

6. Fred Savage and Peter Falk never met the other actors in the film (until after filming).
savage & falk solo

7. Christopher Guest accidentally put Cary Elwes in the hospital when he hit him too hard on the head with the butt of his sword.
guest hurt elwes

8. There was an alternate ending planned (but never filmed) in which the four heroes and heroines (Wesley, Buttercup, Montoya, and Fezzik) show up outside Fred Savage’s window and invite him to join their next adventure.
alternate ending

9. The ending kiss was the last scene shot, and took six takes (Rob Reiner guesses it took so many because he didn’t want to end the film).
ending kiss 6 takes

Scouted via Buzzfeed.

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