A Suspicious Code Shows Up In Every Pixar Film. Wanna See?

Much like the Lost numbers, there’s a code that keeps popping up somewhere in every Pixar film: A113.¬†It’s nothing sinister, but actually¬†a secret handshake among animators. It was the classroom number of character animation students at the California Institute of the Arts, and many alum have used it in their professional works as a nod to their fellow graduates. Here’s where you can find it.

On the license plate of Andy’s mom’s car in Toy Story

01 - UdV16Tg

On a box in A Bug’s Life

02 - YZg38Vb

The diver’s camera in Finding Nemo

03 - 2TQX1HN

The coordinates of Mr. Incredible’s cell in The Incredibles

04 - H5hAVZU

On a train and Mater’s license plate in Cars

05 - 1H9eNfG 06 - ARlchy3

A tag on one of the rats in Ratatouille

07 - XItscuQ

The code for the Abandon Earth protocol in WALL-E

08 - 8PpHAj2

Courtroom number in Up

09 - skcrzDi

On Siddley’s tail, a screen and again on Mater’s license plate in Cars 2.

10 - QNrw9D1 11 - h6FAYBE 12 - CHHf2b6

Engraved in Roman numerals above a doorway in Brave.

13 - bDGxK7u

On the door in Monsters University.

14 - voAg30X

It also shows up in non-Pixar films and TV shows

15 - wzcgvNn 16 - qfpP1wI 17 - DC6pkHM 18 - rohu2wD 19 - QlVrlIa 20 - oUWsoUX 21 - FMw0vSQ 22 - W2CmVJJ 23 - 0p6oX50

To date, one has not been found in Monsters, Inc. Perhaps you can be the one who finds it?


Scouted via imgur.

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