Best Complaint Letter Written To An Airline EVER. The Illustrations Really Put It Over The Top. LOL.

What’s the worst part of sitting in seat 29E?

“Is it the stench of the sanitation fluid that is blown all over my body every 60 seconds when the door opens? Is it the woosh of the constant flushing? Or is it the passengers’ asses that seem to fit into my personal space like a pornographic jigsaw puzzle?”

This letter was written by a VERY disgruntled Continental Airlines passenger mid-flight several years back, but its content remains highly relatable and insanely funny. And yes, this is real.





A spokeswoman for the airline shared this response. I think the passenger’s potty humor far surpasses theirs.

“The letter is not totally accurate and uses sarcastic humor to make the seat sound a lot worse than it is. But we don’t want to pooh-pooh this customer’s concerns — seat 29D is less than ideal. Most flights are not sold out and normally we can easily re-seat a customer who prefers not to sit in this location. However, the Dec. 21 flight was completely full, and we have apologized to the customer who wrote to us about the concerns. If there was a quick and easy solution to this problem we would do it in a whiz. However, the aircraft configuration is fixed and there is little we can do at this point to just flush away the issue.”

Scouted via Letters of Note

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