Amazing embroidered animals by Chloe Giordano: STUNNING.

An illustrator and embroidery artist in Oxford, England, Chloe Giordano creates these petite, embroidered animals with just a needle and thread. They’re so beautiful and detailed—and really capture the beauty of each creature.

animal-embroidery-chloe-giordano-1 animal-embroidery-chloe-giordano-2 animal-embroidery-chloe-giordano-3 animal-embroidery-chloe-giordano-4 animal-embroidery-chloe-giordano-6 animal-embroidery-chloe-giordano-7 animal-embroidery-chloe-giordano-9 animal-embroidery-chloe-giordano-10 animal-embroidery-chloe-giordano-11

Scouted via BoredPanda


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