12 Brilliant Kitchen Hacks You Never Knew You Needed. I Must Have Number 5!

These amazing kitchen products make it so much easier to take the heat.


1. Pizza scissors — ‘slice’ and serve in one step!


2. Citrus spritzer — spray straight from the fruit.


3. Dipr cookie spoon — dunk without the milky mess!


4. Cover blubber — super stretchy food saver.


5. Ice cream combination lock. Don’t bogart my Ben & Jerry’s!


6. Spoon plus chopsticks = spoonsticks?


7. Oven rack guard to prevent burns.


8. Yolkfish — the yolk separating fish!


9. No more runaway bottle caps.


10. Adjustable scissors make chopping easy and help you keep your fingers!


11. Multi-task with this one-handed bottle opener.


12. Heated butter knife — genius!


Scouted via Distractify

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