These Amazing Photos Will Change How You See The World!

Nature surprises us constantly with the wonders of her phenomenal beauty and power. Check out these stunning photos of some of her rarest happenings!

1. Light pillars: only possible in frigid climates, these light shows come from reflections off ice crystals.

2. Spiderweb trees: when their home turf is covered by floods, spiders in an area of Pakistan take to (and over) the trees.

3. Rainbow Eucalyptus: multicolored bark develops as layers peel off at different times, aging differently.

4. Sailing stones: moving slowly through Death Valley without aid of man or machine, it appears their journeys come thanks to shifting wintertime ice deep beneath.

5. Red crabs of Christmas Island: this great migration of more than 120 million crabs occurs every late fall/early winter.

6. Bioluminescent waves: the neon show is delivered by phytoplankton.

7. Lake Retba: I wouldn’t recommend swimming in this salt-heavy lake, as all that pink is thanks to tons of algae.

8. Living rock: that isn’t a stone, it’s a mass of sea creatures off the coast of Chile.

9. Monarch Butterfly migration: this gorgeous sight occurs in the sky every year over California and Mexico.

Scouted via the San Francisco Globe.

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