This Little Girl’s Hysterical Vine Videos Have Me Hanging On Her Every Word. “Totes Hilar”

Four-year-old Ava’s six-second videos┬áhave the cyber world in stitches. She’s genuinely adorable, not in an annoying Olsen-twins-circa-Full House┬ákind of way. Here are a few of our favorites. To access the sound, click on the symbol in the upper left corner of each video.

1. How to flirt.

2. Talking like a high school girl.

3. High school girl getting frozen yogurt.

4. “Um…do you have Wi-Fi here?”

5. 16-year-old girl

6. Why she wears lipstick.

7. “Stella, did you run a frickin’ marathon or something?”

Scouted via 22 Words

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