Choosing the Best Seat on Your Next Flight Could Save Your Sanity Or Even Your Life.

Want to stretch out, catch some Z’s or boost your chances of survival? Choose the airplane seat that best matches your travel style and needs with this handy dandy chart.

  • Have a bag you’re hoping to store? Choose a seat in the back, as storage spaces tend to fill before the front rows board.
  • Baby onboard! Bulkheads often attract parents hoping for a bit more room.


  • Cinephile? Seats in the middle don’t have the best view of the movie screen.


  • Craving a little leg room? Opt for a bulkhead seat, which doesn’t have any seats in front of it.
  • The seat pitch (the distance between seats) increases toward the back of the plane.
  • Mind your elbows! Aisle seats leave you vulnerable to bumps from the beverage cart.

via Daily Infographic and Show Me How

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