Some Of The Best Things In Life Happen By Accident — Like These 12 ‘Accidental Chinese Hipsters’. Too Funny!

These Chinese hipsters have more swagger than a PBR tall boy swilling pseudo intellectual surfing Etsy for a pair of vintage steampunk specs. And they don’t even know it.


1. “It’s as if Megan Draper did a Freaky Friday body switch with a greasy Chinese parking lot attendant and decided not to lower her dressing standards.”

2. “Part Buddha, part explosion at a craft store, our sloppy mystic exists on a higher, slightly uneven plane that we only mistakenly perceive to be a city bus on the Chinatown route.”


3. “One wonders though, was he, moments after this photo was taken, jumping and twisting on the sidewalk in a fervent breakdance to the beats of a rousing Chairman Mao speech?”


4. “Notice how the graceful curve and heft of his exposed belly is terminated in another bulge, the artfully hanging codpiece pack. A pale yin to a bulky yang.”

5. “Sneers, raised eyebrows, confrontational poses, nonchalance, Mom’s sunglasses, advanced color coordination, killer hats: these Canadian siblings know what they’re doing.”


6. “This is an almost wax museum perfect replica of a scene from my own Williamsburg kitchen. It’s as if I took a picture of my super-hip, bike-riding, art copy-editing, kale-eating, Asian American roommate, mailed it to Sonia, and had her re-stage the whole thing with her dad.”


7. “Here again is abundant proof that older Chinese folks can be our fashion mentors.”


8. “To layer so much and so well is a fine art skill oft only attributed to the young women of Harajuku.”


9. “Nobility. Lavishness. Peer-less. Co-lor Coordinated. You are a dog-owner and a style-maker. No one can touch you and yet everyone is touched by you.”


10. “This man looks suspiciously like a relative of mine would if he had a bad perm and were traveling undercover in Shanghai, disguised as a brown bear.”


11. “If a hipster could have the perfect, most coolest pet accessory, it would be a trained hawk that would hang out while its owner was drinking an Americano in the garden of a nice cafe – sort of a yin to the ever-present yang of a laptop.”



12. An “extravagant Cantonese version of Karl Lagerfeld.” 




Scouted via Accidental Chinese Hipsters

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