BMX Bikers Caught Jumping Over Homeless. Very Disturbing.

Three bikers caused a lot of outrage when a video of them “bunnyhopping” the homeless appeared on the Facebook page of a downtown LA bike shop. I’m not sure which is more deplorable: this video or the BMX shop manager’s response. See both below and tell us what you think.

“I suppose this is where I should apologize for sort of kind of condoning my friends bunnyhopping over a couple of homeless people. Honestly I’ve never bunnyhopped over a homeless person but I wasn’t exactly offended seeing my friends do it either. That video captured the anti-social aspect of riding street that I’ve always loved. The news are trying to pass this off as us having no respect for the homeless, which apparently passes for a legitimate news story in 2014. A few hundred people briefly complaining on Facebook doesn’t strike me as something that necessitates a segment on the news. But it doesn’t exactly bother me either. Maybe, just maybe, some little kid will see that video and get motivated to ride down the street and bunnyhop over some shit, human or not.”

~ Adam Grandmaison, the owner of the OSS Bikeshop, via The Come Up

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