I Can Die Happy Now That I’ve Seen These 20 Epic Animal Photos. 8 Is My Favorite!

Look at these animal photos, die happy. It’s that simple, really.

1. This corgi brings pure joy to an elderly man she just met.


2. Dog and horse BFFs


3. Kindness in animals is compelling.


4. Britain’s smuggest owl.


5. Orphaned pony’s best friend is a teddy named Button.


6. Still playing as the ship goes down.


7. A bunny wearing bunny slippers.


8. A koala in eucalyptus nirvana.


9. Even bulldogs have bad days.


10. Bear hug!


11. This cat knows how to live.


12.┬áLemur’s first cupcake.


13. Marmaduke and Bambi.


14. Mama hippo giving her baby a nudge.


15. Just a bunch of pandas drinking out of giant baby bottles.


16. Booboo the guinea pig.


17. Can you find the real one?


18. Baby geese leaving their nest for the first time


19. Found like this 20 minutes after her owner brought home a $100 scratching post.


20. This dog’s getting some cuddle time with his penguin pal.

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