I Can’t Believe Who Almost Starred In These Iconic Movie Roles. Number 1 Just Blows My Mind.

Can you imagine anyone other than Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones? It’s hard to believe these historic Hollywood roles as we know them almost went to other actors… and in some cases actually did!

1. Before Michael J. Fox went Back To The Future, the role was originally played by Eric Stoltz.

2. We all know Harrison Ford as Han Solo, but the role was first offered to Al Pacino, who passed because he “didn’t understand the script.”Al-Pacino

3. Again, the stars were aligned for Harrison Ford, when Tom Selleck had to turn down the role of Indiana Jones because of his Magnum, P.I. contract.


4. Before Keanu was The One, it was Will Smith.



5. Claire Danes, wherefore art thou Juliet? Because Natalie Portman turned down the role.


6. We all know Viggo Mortensen for his role in the Lord of The Rings trilogy, but Stuart Townsend prepared for the role of Aragorn for two months before Peter Jackson replaced him at the last minute.




7. Had Nicole Kidman starred in Mr. & Mrs. Smith, then there might not be a Mr. & Mrs. Pitt.



Scouted via Hello Giggles


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