What This Guy Creates With Just Colored Pencils And Glue Is Totally Mind-Blowing.

Computer geek by day, creative genius by night — Peter Brown turned his passion for woodworking into something amazing.


1. It all starts with something as simple as dollar store colored pencils.



2. He glues them together…



3. Then drills a hole in them the size of the ring.



4. Using a tool called a lathe, he shapes it…



5. …And polishes it.



6. Then he adds a nice shiny coat of lacquer.



7. All done! Look how far those pencils have come.



8. Like it and wanna put a ring on it?



You can buy one from Brown’s Etsy shop.

If you want to try a little DIY, check out this video for how to make one of your own!

Scouted via 22 words

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