An Artist Rides A Dinosaur-Cycle Across Norway. And It’s Awesome.

Artist Markus Moestue made a dinosaur out of styrofoam, glue, and paint, and welded it onto a tricycle. The result? A hilarious way to get cycle across his native Norway as a symbolic protest against what he calls “the dogmatic religious education of children.”

He got some hilarious looks along the way.

markus-moestue-norway-dinosaur-bike-designboom-08-750x530 markus-moestue-norway-dinosaur-bike-designboom-20-750x550


markus-moestue-norway-dinosaur-bike-designboom-101-750x500 markus-moestue-norway-dinosaur-bike-designboom-103-750x564

Scouted via Laughing Squid


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