5 Food Hacks That Make Cooking Easier And More Delish. Number 3 is Just Plain Genius.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Source: Wikimedia Commons

1. To Make An Omelette…

Ever have a piece of eggshell go into the bowl when cracking eggs? Wet your fingers first and the shell will stick to you, not your yoke.

2. Best French Toast Ever.

Have leftover cereal crumbs? Don’t throw them away. Save them until you get a decent amount. Then pour it all out on a plate. Make french toast as normal. But instead of throwing the bread directly on the stove, pass it over the cereal crumbs. The egg/milk mixture will cause the cereal to stick. The french toast is soft as normal, but the cereal adds a fantastic crunch.

3. Syrup Without The Stick

When I make pancakes I add a 1/4 cup or so of syrup to the batter. I normally make a double batch of this recipe. Then I can just give them to my kids and they aren’t a sticky mess.

4. Butter Fingers Begone

Save the wrappers from softened sticks of butter to grease pans. The soft butter that has stuck to the wrapper spreads easily, and applies evenly. Plus, one side is still dry – keeping your hands grease-free.

5. And What NOT To Do


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