After A Vet Accident Left This Sweet Kitty Crippled, His Owner Did The Most Incredible Thing!

Meet Gandalf, a super sweet kitty who had an unfortunate accident at the vet.

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 10.45.53 AM


Every since he was neutered last month, he’s been walking like this:

Since¬†the accident, this man‘s daughter has been sleeping on the floor because her kitty couldn’t reach the bed: “he could climb the ladder before his surgery, and jump back down. After, he couldn’t.”

So he made her bed “handicat” accessible. Just look!



For those worried about the kitty, his owner says Gandalf¬†doesn’t act like it hurts him. “He’s always chasing and beating up our other kitten, Sir Flufferton.”





The family has not seen an improvement in Gandalf, but they are hopeful!

Scouted via Reddit

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