I’m Relaxing Just Looking At This House. Incredible.

Architect Marc Gerritsen designed the “Naked House” in Thailand as a peaceful, personal retreat.

“The house was a return to the basic values in life: good clean air, wide open space, quiet solitude. With these basic values you can be in a space that is uncluttered, and your mind can become still. That’s also the reason behind the very basic materials that I have used: concrete, wood, steel and glass. There are no embellishments. The focus is on the space rather than the materials.”

I also love that on the floor plan there’s a storage/kid’s room. Just stack those boxes around the bunk beds. They won’t mind.

Dining-area-kitchen Evening-view-deck-and-pool Identical-bedrooms-and-tubs Immersing-into-the-landscape Infinity-pool- Infinity-pool-and-view Man-and-nature
Naked-House- Naked-House-Marc-Gerritsen Office-level


Master-bedroom-level Details-floor-plan Bedroom-level

Scouted via Freshome.


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