This Incredible App Analyzes Your Personality Based On Your Facebook Posts. Mine Was Spot On!

Five Labs uses the language of your Facebook posts to figure out your personality. Not only can they predict your personality… you can also do your friends and see how you compare to them and your favorite celebrities! Find out what Five Labs has to say about you.

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Jennifer Lawrence: Inventive, Secure, Outgoing, Efficient, Friendly




Barack Obama: Disciplined, Inventive, Confident, Assertive, Analytical



Mark Zuckerberg: Inventive, Restless, Friendly, Reserved, Easy Going




LeBron James: Restless, Disciplined, Assertive, Curious, Friendly

Indiana Pacers v Miami Heat - Game Five



Oprah Winfrey: Assertive, Inventive, Restless, Compassionate, Efficient






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