An Incredible Impromptu Sidewalk Jam Session Could Lead To a Record Deal.

Is this the dream or what? 

“I was walking to Kroger and saw this guy playing a song,” Jaime Tatos Maldonado says on his Facebook feed. “It sounded good so I decided to record it. By the end of the song three guys started jamming. This truly is music in its simplest form. It really reminds of the Austin days. Enjoy.”

They’ve tracked down the guitar player Jesse Rya but are still trying to locate the other two. Once reunite, a studio recording of “I Just Don’t Know” is imminent.  

For the naysayers out there, Rya swears it wasn’t staged. “Just for the record… it’s not a Jimmy Kimmel setup and I do not know the other 2 gentlemen in the video. You would be surprised how much music flows in the streets of DFW!”

Seems like a magical music moment to me.


Scouted via 22 Words

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