John Cusack is The Reason You’re Single

“Whatever happened to chivalry? Does it only exist in 80’s movies? I want John Cusack holding a boombox outside my window.”

~ Olive Penderghast, Easy A

The fact that guys like John Cusack exist is directly responsible for how many 20- and 30-something women are single. We think it possible in this Tinder-ridden world to meet a guy with the perfect mix of adorable, romance, humor, wit and vulnerability all while being just manly enough to be the one. Even if it’s more the characters he portrays than John himself, we all have a soft spot for this guy. #swoon

Here are the reasons why…

1. This face

Cusack, John


2. This grand gesture


3. He makes amazing mix tapes


4. He’s an awesome brother in real-life–which means he’s sweet



5. He’s an awesome fictional brother (again, so sweet)



6. He knows what he wants (and doesn’t want) out of life


7. He’ll wait for you, in the snow, in the middle of New York City, any night of the week


8. He knew enough to drop Jeremy Piven as soon as he became a douche with his Entourage fame


9. Deep down you know he’s still a sweet geek at heart



This post was contributed by the very talented Jennifer Anello. Keep up with her on Twitter at @popculturerx.

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