Keep You Kids Busy This Summer With These 10 Activities Under $10. Number 4 Is Genius.

Keep your kids busy and your bank account activity quiet this summer with these 10 cheap and easy things you can do at home.

1. Old clothes + chalk = driveway dress-up dolls.


2. Leftover bubble wrap: it’s for more than just popping.


3. Cut up sponges for a quiet building game inside or wet fun outside.


4. Keep your toddler busy with a paper towel roll taped to the wall.


5. Sticking pipe cleaners through a colander is great for fine motor skills!


6. Instead of a campout, have a “camp in.”


7. Make a mini bowling game with pencil erasers and a marble.


8. Grow a crystal garden overnight with epsom salt, food coloring and a jar.


9. Make soap clouds by zapping a bar of soap in the microwave.


10. Use pool noodles (and a little imagination) for a fun backyard obstacle course.


Scouted via BuzzFeed DIY

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