It’s Stuff Like This That Makes Me Proud to Be a Kentuckian. (Please Sense the Sarcasm.)

Kentuckians are often mocked for marrying our cousins and not owning shoes. And then there’s this.

University of Kentucky fan Tyler Black got this tattoo weeks before the wildcats ever made it to the Final Four (no doubt he bled blue in the process). Seems kind of impressive in retrospect from a statistics point of view: Kentucky would’ve been the second No. 8 seed in history to win the NCAA men’s basketball tournament (Villanova being the first in 1985). But now that UK lost, Black says he has no plans to remove it.

“I’m keeping it,” Black told ESPN. “It’s a way to remember this team and it’s part of my life story.”

I wonder how many other false prophecy fan tattoos are out there?

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