This Artist Changes People’s Lives With What He Creates From Trash. Truly In Awe, Here.

Artist Gregory Kloehn started off with the idea of building tiny homes to sell. But when a homeless man came to his studio looking for a tarp, Kloehn realized this type of shelter could be life-changing.




With a wooden pallet as a base, Kloehn uses what he finds dumpster diving through illegally discarded garbage to create these sustainable (and frankly quite charming) sofa-sized dwellings for homeless men and women in Oakland, Ca.

homeless-shelters1 homeless-shelters2 homeless-shelters13 homeless-shelters14


While he can’t make one for every homeless person in the city, Kloehn says he doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

homeless-shelters16 homeless-shelters17 homeless-shelters18

Don’t you just want to pitch in and help? Find out how you can on Kloehn’s Facebook page. And spread awareness for his efforts by sharing this story on your Facebook page!

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