This Is SO Much More Satisfying Than Seeing Models Without Their Makeup. I’m DYING.

Showing models before and after Photoshop is so been-there-done-that.

Our new favorite Instagram account posts pics of models pretending to eat fattening foods, and it’s as brilliant as it sounds. For more food-dangling models, follow youdidnoteatthat on Instagram.

1. “We can’t even decide what disturbs us the most about this. The fur bikini? Yeah. The fur bikini.”


2. “Bella Thorne + an alleged doughnut on a stick + that crop top = the expression on the girl on the left.”


3. “A special thank you to our reader who pointed out that we have a ‘mouth full pose’ here on Rosie but the rib is completely intact. Not one bite taken. Bravo.”


4. Only the most unappetizing (fake) bite of pizza of all time.


5. “Now that’s one natural stance. #neverseennutellabefore”


6. “Anyone else notice that she’s posing like her mouth is full but the burger is 100% intact?”


7. “Blow outs and throw outs with @thecourtneykerr and @gorjana


8. “Just this. A promo for the launch of “missjetsetter” which chronicles the fabulous life of @nicoleisaacs posing in bathing suits mixed in with food dangling onto her lips.”


9. “What he really wants to know is if those cupcakes are Paleo approved.”


10. “Never forget the time @sarahstage went to Disneyland and held overpriced churros 2 feet from her mouth.”



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