Nat Geo Traveler Photo Contest: These 7 Incredible Pics Are All Winners In My Book

National Geographic Traveler’s annual photo contest is underway. If you fancy yourself a travel photographer, you have ’til June 30 to enter. Or, like us, you can simply enjoy the talents of others by checking out the latest entries. Here are some of the editors’ (and our) latest faves from the Outdoor Scenes category.

Tree-like Rivers In Baja California Desert By Adriana Franco


Sunshine by Olly Liu, Fujian, China



 Vole In A Hole, By Mark Bridger, East Malling, Kent UK



 Beautiful Morning by Yuga Jurita, Kawaguchiko, Yamanashi, Japan



Seal Loungeroom By Ryan Essex,  Isabella, Galapagos


Golden Gate Bridge In The Fog By Solene Peralta, San Francisco, California


Autumn Call By Mark Bridger, Richmond Park, London




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