A Natural Disaster On Your Wedding Day May Sound Like Bad Luck, But These Breathtaking Pictures Will Change Your Mind. WOW.

1. Lauren Whaley and Jake De Grazia married in New York in the midst of Hurricane Irene.


2. Leslie and Mark’s wedding in Destin, Fla. during hurricane Wilma.


3. Lightning strikes for this Oregon couple’s photo shoot.

4. Gorgeous lightning storm!

5. An explosive wedding on top of an active (but not too active) volcano in the South Pacific.

6. These two were getting married come hell or high water.


7. Two tornadoes were unexpected guests at this Kansas couples’ wedding.

8. Another wedding with a twist(er), with more pics here.

9. Is this wedding amidst a wildfire or on the set of Gone With the Wind? More pics here.

10. Dedicated to both her groom and her job, this reporter covered a China earthquake while in her wedding dress.

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