OMG, Thank Goodness Apple Ditched Its Clothing Line

Do you ever look at your MacBook or iPhone and think, “You know what this sleek, minimalist device needs? Some wacky fonts (yes, multiple fonts) and neon colors (yes, multiple colors)!”
Well, I don’t think the Apple store is going to indulge you. But you just might be able to find some sweet Apple designs of that sort on eBay, because check out what they briefly put out into the world in 1986. Tacky belts, logo-covered hats, and oversized sweatshirts paired with large-text shorts were evidently Apple’s vision of high fashion.

640 Collection pg 18 Collection pg 20

This catalog came out during Steve Jobs’ infamous time away from the company, and is a great example of why he firmly instituted a commitment to clean lines and no frills in Apple product design. Thank goodness, because otherwise we might all be completely reliant on our iWindbreakers today!


Scouted via The Trad.

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