The Way These Baby Sloths Cope Without Their Mamas Will Warm Your Heart.

Sloths are the new kittens. And when you see them cuddling with their stuffed animals, you’ll see why. 

It’s sad to see a little guy like this know he’s lost his mama.

Thankfully there are places like the Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica where these adorable creatures can get the care they need.

When a sloth is orphaned,  hugging on a stuffed animal simulates hanging onto his mother.


And it’s just sweet as sweet can be.



 That smile!


Squee City



Look at this guy with his giraffe!








Teddybär als Pflegemutter für Faultier-Baby


Here’s a video of (then) baby sloth Sid hugging her favorite teddy. MELT.


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