Sleeping Kids Are Adorable…Until They’re Sleeping In Your Bed! LOL!

The blog Mommy Shorts is running a contest to vote on the funniest picture illustrating #GetOutOfMyBedPlease, showing the trials of letting your kid in your bed. The submitted pics are too funny; check out some of the best ones below!

get-out-of-my-bed-mommy-shorts10-480x537 get-out-of-my-bed-mommy-shorts-480x537 get-out-of-my-bed-mommy-shorts9-480x537 get-out-of-my-bed-mommy-shorts31-480x537 get-out-of-my-bed-mommy-shorts-26-480x537 get-out-of-my-bed-mommy-shorts25-480x538 get-out-of-my-bed-mommy-shorts18-480x536 get-out-of-my-bed-mommy-shorts43-480x536

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