A Stay-At-Home-Dad Has Found The Best Use For Post-Its Ever

Chris Illuminati uses Post-Its in the creative process for his work as a writer, but also (thankfully) for posting these hilarious random rants about parenthood on his Tumblr blog, Message With a Bottle. Why do all stay-at-home dads seem to have the best sense of humor? Because they have to.

hilarious-notes-from-a-stay-a-home-dad11 hilarious-notes-from-a-stay-a-home-dad12 hilarious-notes-from-a-stay-a-home-dad15 hilarious-notes-from-a-stay-a-home-dad16 tumblr_mai260t9xK1qbl0gio1_500 tumblr_mauxciyz9e1qbl0gio1_500 tumblr_mayu9ujbPn1qbl0gio1_500 tumblr_mdrksivvTp1qbl0gio1_500 tumblr_mfdz3p0Ttb1qbl0gio1_500 tumblr_mp9hfoC5BX1qbl0gio1_500 tumblr_mq1njhcrKV1qbl0gio1_500 tumblr_mwh0sj8hgf1qbl0gio1_500 tumblr_n22rbdlXwA1qbl0gio1_500 xhilarious-notes-from-a-stay-a-home-dad7.jpg.pagespeed.ic.n3q72hegiK


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