This Stunning Time Lapse Shows Exotic Corals Like You’ve Never Seen — Mind. Blown.


This time lapse created by Daniel Stoupin takes us to an underwater dreamworld that is in fact very real.

Thousands of photos capture the movements of exotic coral, showing their movements at a speed our brains can comprehend.

“Our brains are wired to comprehend and follow fast and dynamic events better, especially those very few that happen at speeds comparable to ours,” he says. “In a world of blazingly fast predators and escaping prey events where it takes minutes, hours, or days to notice any changes are harder to grasp.”

Slow Life from Daniel Stoupin on Vimeo.

Daniel’s passion for photomicrography turns these natural events into larger than life phenomenons.



Just look at some of these stills from this project.






If I didn’t know I was looking at coral, I’d swear these were from another planet.





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