I Can’t Believe Passengers Tried To Fly With These 11 Items. Number 3? OMG!

TSA has an account on Instagram where they post items confiscated from passengers, and it’s as awesome as it sounds. Here are just 11 unbelievable things they’ve found that all lead back to one conclusion: people are scary… and stupid.


1. In Cincinnati, Rosie Red and Gapper stopped in to say hello to children from Faces Without Places who were getting a tour of the airport. While Rosie Red was only trying to be helpful, people, pets, and mascots are not permitted to go through the X-ray for safety reasons. Thanks for stopping by and Go Reds!


2. This smartphone case was discovered at the Boston (#BOS) International Airport.

3. 81 pounds of marijuana were discovered in checked baggage at the Oakland (#OAK) International Airport. Part of TSA’s mission is to protect the nation’s transportation systems by keeping dangerous items off of commercial aircraft, but when contraband is found, it must be reported to local law enforcement. Especially when it’s 81 pounds of contraband.


4. This bejeweled lipstick taser was discovered this week in a carry-on bag at the Detroit (#DTW) International Airport.


5. This modified grenade was discovered at the Salt Lake City #SLC airport and was eventually determined to be as harmless as a fly.


6. This cane sword was discovered at the #LaGuardia #LGA Airport security checkpoint in #NewYork.


7. Stun gun disguised as a pack of cigarettes discovered in Cleveland.


8. A hatchet that was discovered in a carry-on bag at the #Manchester – #Boston Regional Airport.


9. This hollowed-out book with two 6 ½” throwing knives was discovered in a carry-on bag at the #Washington Reagan (#DCA) National Airport in December of 2011. #Ninja books are permitted, throwing knives are not.


10. These utility knife blades were discovered concealed between a #ScoobyDoo greeting card.


11. These comb-daggers were discovered in carry-on bags at the #Boston Logan International Airport and the Lambert – #StLouis International Airport, respectively

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