Out Of An Unspeakable Loss Comes This Beautiful, Touching Gift.

After Valerie Watts’ son Noah was stillborn last July, she could not bring herself to part with his crib.


Though she wasn’t planning on selling it, she ended up doing so during a yard sale to woodworker Gerald Kumpala.


While sifting through baby items at the yard sale, Kumpala’s wife asked Watts about her son and learned of the horrible tragedy she had endured.


The couple realized on their way home, that the crib was meant to be returned to Watts. A week later, Kumpala surprised Watts by returning with the crib, now transformed into a memorial bench to honor her son.


Watts began crying immediately. “It’s amazing, and there’s good people out there,” Watts said. “There’s proof.”

Scouted via YouTube and BuzzFeed

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