Whiskey-Flavored Pigs. Yes, Really.

There’s bacon-infused bourbon and bourbon-infused bacon, so why not take it a step further? The Duroc pigs raised in Templeton Rye’s Heritage Pork Project are raised with a diet that will have them tasting like whiskey already.


Now these pigs aren’t throwing back shots at a swine-sized bar. Dr. Mark Bertram who holds a PhD in Swine Nutrition (yes, that’s a thing), created a special feed that features spent Templeton Rye mash.

“Spring can’t come soon enough as I look forward to a special dinner in Little Goat’s private dining room combining my love of Templeton Rye with my love of all things pig,” says Stephanie Izard, Top Chef Winner and Owner of Chicago’s Girl & The Goat.

If you’re a chef or an adventurous pork loving home cook, these pigs will be ready for slaughter in June and can be procured through the Iowa distillery’s website here.

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