Whoa, Is That House Flying?!

Because no matter how much we would sometimes like to just be able to float away in our home with a million colorful balloons (a la Up), we have to stay firmly rooted to the ground, photographer Laurent Chehere has taken it upon himself to make structures fly. With incredible skill in photography and digital manipulation he created these magical images of buildings seemingly lifted from the ground in Paris. They set imaginations flying just like the houses!

Couscouslaurent-chehere-645x645 MAISON-1_laurentchehere.com_-645x645 FLYING-HOUSE-laurentchehere.com-4-645x645 Screen-shot-2014-09-09-at-9.56.59-AM-645x645 MAISON-2_laurentchehere.com_-645x645 FLYING-HOUSE-laurentchehere.com-3-645x645

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